Mary Poppins — practically perfect in every way!

I may be a little biased — after all, Cameron is the music director, Karen is the producer, Cameron plays Miss Andrew, Karen is the Bird Woman, and both play various chorus leads as well! — but Cabot Community Theater’s production of Mary Poppins is indeed “practically perfect in every way.”

I’d seen only a few scenes in rehearsal, so I wasn’t prepared for how well the whole show was going to come together. It was tight! The leads sang well and acted well; the ensembles supported and engaged well with natural actions; the sets were handsome and worked well.... It was a thoroughly entertaining three hours.

What’s incredible to me is that they put this production together in a town whose population is smaller than my high school’s, with actors whose ages span eight decades, with a small budget comprising nothing more than profits from previous years’ shows.

A huge shout-out of appreciation to the production- and tech-crews, actors, and musicians involved in making this happen! Yea!

Miss Andrews (Cameron) intimidates the children and staff alike

The Bird Woman (Karen) sings, with Mary Poppins (and Michael) looking on