Mary Poppins — practically perfect in every way!

I may be a little biased — after all, Cameron is the music director, Karen is the producer, Cameron plays Miss Andrew, Karen is the Bird Woman, and both play various chorus leads as well! — but Cabot Community Theater’s production of Mary Poppins is indeed “practically perfect in every way.”

I’d seen only a few scenes in rehearsal, so I wasn’t prepared for how well the whole show was going to come together. It was tight! The leads sang well and acted well; the ensembles supported and engaged well with natural actions; the sets were handsome and worked well.... It was a thoroughly entertaining three hours.

What’s incredible to me is that they put this production together in a town whose population is smaller than my high school’s, with actors whose ages span eight decades, with a small budget comprising nothing more than profits from previous years’ shows.

A huge shout-out of appreciation to the production- and tech-crews, actors, and musicians involved in making this happen! Yea!

Miss Andrews (Cameron) intimidates the children and staff alike

The Bird Woman (Karen) sings, with Mary Poppins (and Michael) looking on


Eighth annual Mordorkian dinner at Sarducci’s

Setting out for the conference

Well, after an altogether-too-exciting autumn and winter, life is beginning to return to normal.

We’ve just spent a delightful five days hosting dear friends visiting for this year’s 15th annual Tolkien in Vermont conference at UVM. I think these annual get-togethers mean more to me each year, as our friendships lengthen and deepen with time.

Caeiou and Meadow in their rightful places, even as the house is filled with guests

And now, though Karen and Cameron are in the midst of production week for Mary Poppins at Cabot Community Theater, I’m refreshed and energized and keen to make progress on multifarious professional fronts. More about that, shortly, at Vermont Softworks!