I’ve settled on Squarespace for various reasons — but boy it was a difficult decision. Grav, Statamic, Ghost (hosted), Ghost (self-hosted), and several others were all possible right up till then end. I specifically wanted to try to have the same answer for the family blog, for Vermont Softworks, and for the Tolkien in Vermont conference.

So this page will become a change log, chronicling the gradual conversion of older posts from multifarious sources; this will mean it’s possible for readers to pinpoint “new” (old) material as it comes aboard without polluting the main chronology of the blog, writing about the fact that I’ve incorporated an old post.


We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been forced to leave a host or service because they’ve been bought, they’ve gone broke, or they (or we) have been suffering from ennui.

It’s happened again — and this time we’re going to take the time to

  1. get it right, to minimize the chances of this happening again in the near future, and
  2. bring as much older (and current!) material over as possible — so everything’s truly in one place.

Please stay tuned as we slowly bring all of our old content from 1994 on back on-line in this one spot!